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The A800 Easy Clean FoamMaster™ is an extremely intelligent coffee machine.

The 10.4 inch colour touchscreen with crystal clear resolution is the perfect interface for you and your guests. Intuitive menu prompts result in straightforward, efficient operation. The drinks menu can be easily configured to suit your needs. Advertising messages and images can be easily placed on the display. The ideal user interface is at your disposal to address every possible application and use. Self-service is available and guests place their order from an attractive menu of beverages. The desired beverage can be selected with a simple touch providing your guest with great coffee.

Inspiring images awake curiosity and invite them to explore an almost limitless range of beverages. The LED lighting not only gives the central display a stylish appearance, it also issues warning messages to confirm a drink is being made or operator messages requesting that coffee or milk is required giving you total control at all times and at any distance.

The beverage spout is automatically adjustable and easily removed for cleaning.

The bean hopper capacity is 1.2kg and 2 or 3 hoppers are available. Up to 2 powder hoppers are also available each with a 2.2 litre capacity. The bean hopper is easily removed providing direct access to adjust the ceramic grinder. The precision grinding discs are extremely robust with a long service life, providing a consistent and uniform grind. The large 50 mm brewing unit is easily removed from the front without any tools allowing for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Extraction is optimised ensuring perfect results every time.

The A800 has maximum energy efficiency thanks to a timer function and minimal power consumption in standby mode.

The FoamMaster™ advanced milk system, allows for textured milk to be produced and an unmatched consistent quality of the milk foam is guaranteed both hot and cold. FoamMaster™ milk can be customized to produce a perfect Flat White to a layered Latte.

Make your selection and indulge yourself!

Hygienic, practical milk container system

– Hose-free docking system for the milk container

– Integrated sensor for efficiently measuring the milk temperature

Efficient cleaning process

– Automated process

– Highest level of cleanliness thanks to specially developed milk and coffee cleaning agents

– Maximum convenience: the cleaning process is ended automatically by the machine

– HACCP approved


  • 10.4 inch touch screen for unparalleled quality
  • Brew unit easy to remove from front
  • Precision Bean grinder with ceramic discs
  • Texturised Hot milk, Hot foam, Cold milk and Cold foam
  • Automatically adjustable dispense head
  • Separate hot water boiler
  • Variety of fridge options available to suit business requirements
  • Ideal for self serve situations


  • Multiple bean hoppers
  • IQ Flow technology
  • Flavour station for 3 syrups
  • Under counter or side fridge
  • Hot chocolate
  • Cup warmer
  • Telemetry enabled
  • Payment systems
  • Auto steam option for hand crafted coffee
  • Decaffeinated option





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